We created Hub Streat as a unique place where people can Celebrate Life Deliciously™. 

As hospitality veterans, entrepreneurs, and dreamers, our goal was to create a place where people can eat, drink, dance, laugh, and create memories with their favorite people. Like honey bees, we believe that being social and helping one another is what make life sweet. 

Together we present Hub Streat as a way to share that passion with the rest of the world.  


Sometimes we wonder if “James West” is his real name. It’s one of those names that remind us of a Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne. Jim’s passion, eclectic nature, and long list of accomplishments in hospitality help to reinforce our belief that one of our co-founders moonlights as a super hero.

Jim began his hospitality career under the direction of Dan Scoggin founder and global leader of TGI Friday’s. Dan has been a close friend and mentor to Jim throughout his career. 

Jim has held executive level positions in a variety of national and global brands with TGI Friday'sRed Robin,  and Morton’s – Bertolini’s of Chicago top the list. His company, West Group Solutions, has provided hospitality consulting to major brands with projects reaching as far as the U.K., Japan, and the Middle East.

In his free time Jim enjoys long distance running, red wines, yoga, and poetry. We may never know if James West is a superhero, all we know is that is he is the real deal.



The Hub Streat team is a big family. Bob and fellow Hub Streat founding partner Jim West have been crafting restaurant brands since 1999.  As a founding partner in Mesa Fresh Mexican Grill and Hub Streat, Bob brings a strategic mind along with a passion to keep food concepts “Fresh.”

When he's not busy being the VP of Strategic Accounts at Vertafore or creating ideas for new food concepts, he’s a board member and past President of the Pennsylvania Lacrosse Association. He's also the founder of the Mesa Fresh Lacrosse Club who have sent over 150 players to Division 1 college Lacrosse programs in 7 years.

Did we mention Bob is also part of this little thing called the HALL OF FAME?

We'd write more about Bob and Lacrosse, but we don't have enough space.



Jon was a foodie before the word “foodie” was invented. His family opened a butcher shop in Johnsonville, Wisconsin in 1945, which eventually grew into Johnsonville Sausage.

Needless to say, a passion for food and an entrepreneurial spirit are in his genes. It’s this entrepreneurial spirit that inspired Jon to launch the Dallas food truck company Two Trucks in 2011. In just a few short years, Two Trucks has grown into a family of successful street food brands including The Butcher’s Son, Gandolfo’s Deli, What’s Da Scoop, and the Texas Burrito Company.

When he’s not building his "Streat Cred," you can find Jon giving back to local organizations like the Boys & Girls Club of America.



“Don’t confuse improving mediocrity with excellence.” 

“Results trumps rules, values trump everything.”

Who talks like this? Our legendary mentor, sage, and resident daredevil Daniel R. Scoggin does. Those proverbs are just a few of the lessons he’s distilled from a storied career in hospitality.

Dan took a small restaurant called T.G.I. Friday’s and turned it into the global company we see today. He is credited with inventing the casual dining restaurant segment. He’s also been the head of several multi-million dollar brands, all of which you can read in his Wikipedia.

In his spare time Dan likes to sail around the world, fly planes, and share his knowledge by blogging. The restaurant industry and the general public know Dan as a globe trotting legend, we just know him as our down to earth mentor.



General Manager

Rachel is supermom, nurse, poet, artist, and all southern hospitality. She lives by philosophy that: "People are beginning to see that the first requisite to success, in business or in life, is to be a good person.” — Herbert Spencer.

As a restaurant industry prodigy, she brings 10 years of experience working in all facets of food service. Her passion for food and business lead her to build a career as a manager in one of Virginia’s most successful franchise organizations, The Restaurant Group. 

Rachel and her Texan husband have recently moved into their dream home here in Plano, TX. With their 4 children, 3 dogs, and 7 geckos, there's never a dull moment. 

We’re excited to have her as part of the Hub Streat family.



Assistant General Manager

“Carpe Diem”, many people say it, few people live it like Scott does and we’re proud to have him as part of Hub Streat. Scott was born in Dallas and moved to South Australia when he was 5. He grew up playing Australian rules football, surfing, and honing his skills on the guitar.

After studying at the University of South Australia, he made his way back Texas to be with his family. It was here in Dallas that he began gaining his extensive experience as a bartender and manager in some of the city’s best known bars.

When he’s not running the bar, you can catch him on stage with either of his two bands: Ten Can Riot and Lone Star Bottle Band. Scott is a perfect fit for Hub Streat because of his passion for food, music and people. 

We’re glad we got him before he gets too famous.



Events Coordinator

Variety is the spice of life and our Talent Scout Sara Elizabeth is as spicy as they come. With the perfect blend of creativity, energy, and deep roots in the performing arts, she’ll add the spark that can make entertainment at Hub Streat truly original.

Sara has been performing for 8 years in the circus arts. She has trained with the famous Lonestar circus school specializing in Aerial Silks, Lyra, Spanish Web and Neck Spin. Sara started off small, working for nightclubs and local charities involving breast cancer awareness. Sara also works with kids to introduce them hoop dancing.

She has traveled the country performing in festivals and major corporate events and looks to open her own production someday. 

If you want to find her, just look up, you may see her hanging around.





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