The Creation of Hub Streat: Celebrating Life Deliciously

When we began, we wanted our guests to create their own experience at Hub Streat. We are not a specified place, but a place for you to create your own story and own experience. We chose the honey bee as our logo because they are social creatures, and we feel that shows what Hub Streat was created to be. We created Hub Streat to be a Culinary Entertainment Center, but we are not sure what that is intended to be, so we change it often to flow with our guests. Hub Streat has changed and created new events to build on a social gathering aspect that we enjoy to have here. Everything we have done since day one is to expand on us as being a social gathering place, and bring people closer together.

Why so many changes at Hub Streat? We change and flow often, but that’s the beauty of our business! We want our guests to create their experience, from crawfish to freaky tiki to tailgating! There are things that we have found do not work, food trucks and live music have not worked for us as a majority of our guests did not seem interested in the events.

What is Hub Streat? Hub Streat was designed to be what you want it to be. From semi-private dining, to outdoor dining, to game rooms, to main dining, we have an experience for everyone! Just like some of your favorite restaurants, we have a loose concept of what we are as a business, a culinary entertainment center, but we want you to customize your experience.

Elia Medina