Football Season is Finally Here!

One of our favorite times of the year is here! NFL Preseason officially kicks off today (August 8) , and the season officially begins on Sept 5th! This football season is different for us, as we have officially declared as a sports bar and are determined to bring you the BEST NFL & College Football experience!

Beginning this weekend, Saturday August 10th, we’re hosting a watch party of the Dallas Cowboys preseason game for the FIRST 40 Guests! That’s right, the first 40 guests who wish to be a part of this staging event for the NFL season can contact our GM at or right here at Hub Streat! This event is a kick off for football season this year to showcase a few of the incredible things we have in store! This event does include some complimentary food & beverages for those 40 guests as well!

Stay tuned all you NFL & College fans! We’re focused on becoming one of the best sports bars in Plano! Check us out every Sunday for NFL Sunday Ticket, and never miss a game at Hub Streat! This year we’re focused on the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, Texas Longhorns, Oklahoma Sooners, & LSU Tigers! Let us know who your favorite NFL or College team is below in the comments!

Elia MedinaComment