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12/22 ALL DAY

Show of your best sweater!


Every Friday & Saturday 7pm


12/14: Trees Marie

Influences: Fleetwood Mac, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Allman Brothers, Neil Young, Loretta Lynn


12/21: Vince Lujan

Putting a new spin on the ever- evolving, all-encompassing Texas sound by infusing blends of Acoustic, Pop, Funk, Latin, and Soul. It's feel-good music with catchy hooks and accessible lyrics.

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12/15: Ole G

Most noted for his island feel, unique choice of instruments and acoustic roots. You'll most likely find him playing his Weissenborn guitar, an acoustic lap slide, played in various open tunings. Ole G has developed a soulful sound all his own.

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12/22: Danni & Kris