Payments and Tipping


Dose the minimum payment for my event include the tax and gratuity?

It dose not, minimum payment secures food and beverage expenses only. When party is charged at the end of the event, the tax and gratuity will be then include into the total bill.

If you wish to calculate:

All parties booked with Hub Streat have an automatic gratuity of 20 percent added to bill before tax.

Texas state sales and use tax rate is 6.25 percent, but local taxing jurisdictions (cities, counties, special-purpose districts and transit authorities) also may impose sales and use tax up to 2 percent for a total maximum combined rate of 8.25 percent.

Can the minimum payment for my event be paid on more than one card?

Yes it can, however, all tabs from the party/event will be then subject to the 20 percent automatic gratuity added to the bill before tax.

Do you have to place a deposit on any of the rooms?

A deposit is only necessary if the spend on the party is over $1,000. The deposit will be non-refundable and can be put towards the final bill. The deposit will be calculated as 30 percent of the total planned spend to bill before tax.

Can I split the total check with other people in my party?

Yes, but only if the party is less than 25 people. If the party is more than 25 you can only spit bill up to 3 ways and would require all 3 cards to be on file.

If I need to cancel my party can I get my deposit back?

Yes it can, however, deposit can only be refunded if event/party is canceled 72 hours prior to the date booked.

Entertainment and Outside Products


Can I bring in my own entertainment for my event?

Yes you can, however, it can not interfere with any other Hub Streat hosted events, as well as, would require management to approve on music talent and song choice. Any music that is considered obscene or vulgar will strictly prohibited. If you don’t know where to hire quality talent, check out: 13th Floor Music Company - http://13thfloormusic.com

Can I bring in any outside food for my party?

Yes you can, however, due to health code regulations, the food that is brought must be produce in a commercial kitchen.

FDA Health Code for outside food:

“No Outside Food or Drink Allowed. It's a familiar sight in many casual restaurants: the sign warning patrons against bringing in outside food or beverages. Some offer an explanation — the health code requires you to consume only those items bought in the restaurant in which you are sitting”

Rooms and Add-Ons


Are your spaces handicap friendly?

Only the first floor would be considered handicap accessible and would include only three of the five spaces. The spaces are as follows: Downstairs Patio, Social Suite, and the BeeHive.

Can our party rearrange the space?

Yes, we want you to make this your special space and fit your event needs. Once you have chosen a space you would like to work with, call us and let us help you plan things out.

Phone: (469) 969-6423

Can I rent the whole restaurant out for a private party?

Yes, we would love to host your event in our entire establishment. The minimum for a whole establishment booking is $5,000 and would grant full access.

Can you provide us with a private bartender?

Absolutely! We would love to provide you with one of our bartenders for your event. The only thing we would require is a $150 service fee and drinks will be charged per guests consumption. We can also have a drink ticket system upon request, to help our guests have a free flowing and open experience. The drink tickets will be purchased in advance and given a specific value per ticket.

Is there a drink ticket group package available?

Absolutely! This type of bar option would be a custom one, so please contact us for more details. Thank you!

Phone: (469) 969-6423